Cosplay Shoots

While this could be considered a Portrait Session, it's much more than that! You spent time finding and creating your outfit, now it's time to show it off!  

Whether your images are for social media, a poster for your home or to sell to your fans (Patreon),  you will have a great experience and more then enough photos to share.  

If you have more then one outfit, you can plan ahead for costume changes or book more time. 

It's always fun to shoot with a friend, so bring them along for their own session as well as the two of you together.

I also shoot at conventions, so let me know and I'll see you there!

Zatanna the Magician

Russian spies!

Black Cat

Deadpool cosplay by Mark_Knight_Rises

Batman cosplay by Mark_Knight_Rises

HeroHypeCon 2017

Orlando, Fl. Click on the image to check out lots of photos from the event! Check out the organizer's site below:



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