Cosplay Photo Shoots

While this could be considered a Portrait Session, it's much more than that! You spent time finding and creating your outfit, now it's time to show it off!  

Whether your images are for social media, a poster for your home or for prints your fans,  you will have a great experience and plenty of images to choose from.  Yes, you can do costume changes!

It's always fun to shoot with a friend, so bring them along for their own session or for two of you together.

I also shoot at conventions, so let me know and I'll see you there! Instagram: @matthewinorlando

Cosplay Promo Video

Check out my YouTube video! It's a small collection of private sessions and convention images.

Cosplayer galleries

Batman and Robin

Shot in Downtown Orlando, FL. 

Lots of shadow in Gotham!

Batman cosplay by Mark_Knight_Rises
Robin cosplay by Zack_Attack_Cosplay

Deadpool cosplay by Mark_Knight_Rises

Batman cosplay by Mark_Knight_Rises


Russian spies!

Black Cat

Gambit by Mark_Knight_Rises

Daredevil  by Mark_Knight_Rises


MegaCon Orlando 2017

I had a great time with thousands of awesome cosplayers!

Click the photo to see the full gallery.

If you see yourself, let me know and I'll add a link to your Instagram or site!

HeroHypeCon 2017

Orlando, Fl. Click on the image to check out lots of photos from the event! Check out the organizer's site below:



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